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Field Trips, Stem Education, School Year End Parties

The Big Event is perfect for taking students out of the classroom and for educational fun. Guaranteed that every child will be excited to be going to school on this day!  Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles can be found in bowling.

Bowling Field Trips!

  • Offering Group Rates for any size field trip including STEM education seminar.
  • Unlimited Bowling Packages available 7 Days A Week
  • Bumpers, Ramps, Shoes And Lightweight Bowling Balls all included.
  • Game Mania Redemption Arcade, Lazer Frenzy and Typhoon Roller Coaster.
  • STEM Classroom Education – On site mini STEM education seminar
  • Lunches,  snack packages and brown bag options.
  • Private Rentals And Future Bowl Laser Light and Sound Show
  • Party Rooms and Complimentary Transportation (mins. required)

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Discover just a few of the ways that STEM bowling from the classroom to the lanes FUN for your students.

  • Force. In order to get points in bowling, you have to knock down the pins. However, an external force (the bowling ball) is the only way to knock them down. As the ball rolls down the lane, its force will knock over the pins and you will gain points.
  • Gravity. Bowling would be extremely difficult if pins and bowling balls were floating in the air. Thankfully, gravity makes bowling possible! The pins are being pulled toward the center of the earth by gravity. This allows them to stand upright and not topple over until you want them to.
  • Friction. The oiled lanes help the bowling ball slide down the lane and gain momentum. However, without friction, the bowling pins would not be able to stand upright. Friction, along with gravity, works to keep the pins standing until an unbalanced force (the bowling ball) knocks them down.

Through incredibly talented engineers, bowling equipment has also gone through many changes over the years. For example, bowling balls used to be a solid piece of very hard wood. Bowling pins used to have just a layer of paint on them, but now a layer of plastic is added to the pin before being painted.

These are only a few ways that STEM is involved in this incredibly fun activity. Ready to bring your students to learn more?  Lets talk STEM FUN for your students!